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Pastor Ron Resigns

Dear ABF Family,

Jodi and I believe that God has led us to make a transition. So, I am announcing my resignation from Anaheim Baptist Fellowship. My last sermon will be May 31.

This move is not prompted by any problems in the church. In fact, I think the unity we have now is better than any time since I arrived about four years ago. I truly treasure everyone in the church and am so grateful you have allowed me to be your pastor. We will look back at our time with you with appreciation and fondness.

Anaheim Baptist Fellowship is a wonderful church that is marked by a deep love for God, for others and for the Bible. I anticipate that God will give you a new pastor who will lead you into a great next chapter.

Jodi and I decided a while back that when we retired, it would probably be back in our home state of Michigan where her family all is and where my sister and her husband also live. Besides the kin connections, the cost of living is much less expensive, allowing our retirement funds to stretch.

But, although I am retiring as a senior pastor, I am not ready to cease doing ministry. So, when I received an invitation to become the interim pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Webberville, Michigan, it felt that God was telling us that this was the time and manner to make our move.

Next Sunday we will have another Zoom Worship Service at 10 AM (MOTHERS DAY!). At the conclusion, I will open it up for any questions that you may want to ask Jodi or me.

I have already informed the Trustees of my decision and will be offering suggestions on the strategic decisions they will need to make. After that, I will bow out of the process and let you and them determine, with Christ’s direction, your future course of action.

I would have preferred to make this announcement in person, but the restrictions made by the Covid crisis didn’t allow for that option. So, I did the next best thing possible; I announced it at our Zoom hosted church service this past Sunday. In these coming days, we welcome conversations by phone or the internet. I love you and am positive that God will guard, guide, and bless you.

Yours in Christ,

Ron Sheveland,Pastor, Anaheim Baptist Fellowship